Hey! In this video we are going to talk about myths and fallacies about weight loss:

Have you tried a lot of methods to lose weight, but every time you fail? It’s not your fault. I will show you, that the most modern weight loss methods are not effective! As you’ve seen that many times.

So as you can guess, most of the modern methods based on the dependence… the goal of this methods and trendy diets to make money out of you.

Let’s look at few myths about weight loss, which is help you to choose the right way to go.

Myth #1. To lose weight you need eating less

You should to know, that overeating, desire to eat a lot of junk food and sweet things – is addiction. First of all, you’ll need free from this.

But the good news is, it’s not so difficult!

Myth #2. To lose weight you need to work out

In most cases, people give up, leave exercises and start to gain weight again. Physical activities for weight loss is seen as punishment.

I believe, you should do sport just for pleasure and health!

Myth #3. Diet is best way to weight loss

On the contrary, diet is best way to gain weight! I am convinced that dieting teaches us to ignore our body’s signals of hunger.

Moreover, most diets slow down your metabolism. For example, when you eat less than 1,000 calories a day, your body works to preserve its resources by going into “starvation mode,” which is basically a slowdown in metabolism.

Be aware! Being too disciplined about eating can provoke overeating!

Сravings just becoming more stronger in this way!

Instead, you should say “I can eat it as much as I want, but that doesn’t make any sense”.

Myth #4. To lose weight you should have strong will-power and be extra motivated

You can be extra-motivated or not, it’s doesn’t change anything, while your brain addicted to food. You just need to apply your will-power in one right way. Work on the main cause.

Myth #5. To lose weight you need use dietary supplements and pills

Yes, you can see some results for a while, but after a time you will gain weight again. Be careful, This stuff just can ruin your health.


Overweight is in your mind, rather than in stomach

Overweight is a symptom… a sign… indication… consequent…

But not the main reason!

Overweight is a result of fat mind and food addiction!

We will talk about it in my next videos.


In the end, I want to give you some exercise.

You need to forgive yourself!

Don’t blame yourself… this way of thinking keeps you fat.

And actually, fat’s not your fault! The food industry is constantly trying to manipulate your brain’s energy-balance system because profit margins depend on persuading us to eat more than we want or need.

So, say it out loud right now: I forgive myself for weight gain. Always know, youre beautiful, youre awesome, are one of a kind, and never blame yourself about weight gain!

See you next time!


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