Hello, dear friends!

We decided to reload blog “pravda-eda.ru”!

How long we’re fight with that idea! We burned the midnight oil  to make new courses about weight loss and healthy food. And here we are… superior product!

Just kidding. We decided to make it easy. “As is well-known, food for us just source of pleasure, it’s delicious and tasty”, “we have to eating in a measure”, “we have to eat healthy food” – this is boring things.  You can think for yourself about it.

Well, we will share with you actual and casual recipes, what we eat and cook ourselves.  Impression about places, that we visiting. We will have fun and write some rubbish. And also truth about food. It’s intresting for us to tell about some recipes, sometime unusual, sometime spontaneous. What tasty and healthy can be cook from food which you have in fridge. What make for lunch? And what cook if you lazy?

We are come together to have a good meal and hanging out. Delicious food can be a bit of love and care for another! And this is great!


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